Gennaro Capasso is an award winning artist specializing in Photorealism. He is especially recognized for his captivating works in both airbrush and classical oil. With well over twenty years of experience, Gennaro has created the most extraordinary pieces with unparalleled technique, beauty and depth.

Born and raised in New York City, Gennaro immersed himself in the arts at a young age, spending his days painting, sketching and sculpting. 
As a graduate of New York City's prestigious School of Visual Arts, Gennaro trained under world renowned illustrator and portrait artist Marvin MattelsonEarly on in his career Gennaro was commisioned for works in books, magazines, advertisements and stamps; some of which are now collectibles. He collaborated with some of the world's most extraordinary painters while working for world renowned artist Jeff Koons.Today Gennaro spends his time working on private commissions of any kind in Airbrush, Oil Paint or Pencil.


Some of Gennaro's many honors and awards include The Congressional Art Competition, The Art directors club of New York, Society of illustrators, and American Dog Art Competition held in Sardi's New York City. His pieces have been showcased at the world famous galleries Christie's and Sotheby's auction house in New York City, with his art pieces successfully auctioned.